Underfloor Heating

To be as energy efficient as possible the heating industry has moved away from high flow and return temperatures switched on twice a day, and is now promoting lower flow and return temperatures to heat emitters, whether that be radiators, skirting heating, or any other type of emitter.

Underfloor represents in my view the best way to utilize the new breed of “energy efficient” condensing appliances, turning the whole floor area into one large heat emitter. There are now many different types of underfloor, with systems for lots of different floor types and finishes.

Gareth Roberts is a highly trained and accomplished Heating Engineer and Professional Plumber whose design, installation and servicing work is of the highest standard. His knowledge of modern technology and attention to detail are second to none and I can confidently recommend him to anyone for the quality of his work.

Jimmy Bates

I have always found Gareth easy to do business with and have been impressed by his positive attitude and commitment.

Peter Craig, Craig Thorpe Developments

All of Gareth's work is first class. He works quietly and efficiently. We recommend him as the best plumber we have employed and his expertise with the air source heat pump system is particularly impressive.

Bill Richards and Elizabeth Shallcross

Experienced Installation

As an installer I have fitted many different underfloor types and combinations of those systems. In my own house I currently have a retro-fit system supplied by Myson, with a laminate floor over it. This was achieved without digging up the floor as is commonly assumed.

All properties can be different, so if you are considering underfloor heating to your property it is always best to seek advice. An important consideration is to think about your system early in your project, as I see many applications where underfloor would have been a great solution but was disregarded due to poor advice or not being aware of new products on the market.

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