The way we heat a property has changed from the old way of thinking when we turned on heating on in the morning then off again at night.

The introduction of new condensing boilers and other energy efficient methods of heating, such as air source heat pumps, coupled with the vast array of heating controls from standard programmable room thermostats to the latest “smart” controls linked to your homes “Wi-Fi” give the prospective end user a huge amount of decisions.

It is important that as an end user that you receive a system that conforms with current building regulations and delivers space heating that is as affordable and cost efficient to run as possible.

Gareth Roberts is a highly trained and accomplished Heating Engineer and Professional Plumber whose design, installation and servicing work is of the highest standard. His knowledge of modern technology and attention to detail are second to none and I can confidently recommend him to anyone for the quality of his work.

Jimmy Bates

All of Gareth's work is first class. He works quietly and efficiently. We recommend him as the best plumber we have employed and his expertise with the air source heat pump system is particularly impressive.

Bill Richards and Elizabeth Shallcross

I have always found Gareth easy to do business with and have been impressed by his positive attitude and commitment.

Peter Craig, Craig Thorpe Developments


If you are considering a full heating system replacement in your property we are happy to advise on heat emitters and calculate your heat loss requirements. Then carry out the works in an orderly and tidy fashion.


System Alterations

This can sometimes be more work than anticipated due to adding extra load to an existing system. Over the years I have been to countless houses where additional radiators or heat-emitters have been added and then found to subsequently not work properly or upset the balance of the existing system. Due consideration has to be given to existing pipe sizing and heating load to achieve satisfactory results.


Boiler Changes

To change your boiler properly now involves not only changing the boiler, but sometimes changing existing controls, radiator valves and then flushing the system to both comply with building regulations and also manufacturer’s guidelines and guarantees.

Being a gas safe registered engineer I am qualified to both advise and carry out the above works to best suit your requirements.

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